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Alexis is a tremendous coach. I can't recommend her enough! If you're juggling with life/work/family balance, or you are at a crossroads in some area of your life, needing to figure out the best direction forward, Alexis will be invaluable. Alexis skillfully teases out the core values and criteria that are important to you, in order to help you map your way. She is a star, truly!

~ C.M., Washington, DC

Alexis did not appear to be going through the motions, with predetermined insights, waiting for me to have the light bulb moment. That would have been self defeating. Instead, it was a shared journey. She was patient, authentic and genuinely happy with my growth. She set the tone, let things happen and did not try to control the conversation. Her low key respectful approach much appreciated! Time well spent.   

~ G.B., Nova Scotia

Alexis is extremely insightful during the meetings and I have a much clearer sense of who I am and what I do. I think what I appreciate the most is the push to get out of the rut I feel I've been living in for way too long. You will not find a higher caliber coach.  

~ E.W., Virginia

When I felt speechless, Alexis helped me find my words and my value. I felt up to the challenge.

~ E.S., Washington, DC

Alexis was a wonderful guide over these last couple of months. Her exercises, inquiring questions, and good cheer have helped me to become clear about the path I will be moving forward on. I highly recommend her.

~ M.G., Massachusetts

Having Alexis as a coach was a godsend, as I was working through some personal and professional challenges. It was really easy for me to trust Alexis and share things with her that I wouldn't even admit to myself. I never felt rushed and accomplished what I needed to in each meeting. I constantly refer back to the goals we set as we started this journey and this continues to help me make decisions for the future.  

~ R.K., Virginia

Alexis was able to make me think more broadly about myself in my career, where my passions and strengths lie, and how to reframe my thinking to express and present myself more confidently and completely. I now have the tools and, more importantly, the self understanding to position myself for just the career I want, not just the next thing that happens to come my way. Time spent with Alexis is a solid investment in yourself and your career that will bear fruit for years to come. Take the opportunity....

~ M.M., Maryland

Alexis does a great job of asking questions that keep you looking for a bigger possibility, and a bigger future. I've enjoyed having her as my coach and would recommend anyone looking to have someone ask them the tough questions, the hard questions, the powerful questions, she's going to serve you really well. She has the proper skill, training and maintains her discipline as a coach. I've worked with plenty of coaches and she's top notch.

~ A.F., Indiana

Alexis was a joy to work with. She was professional, engaging, and supportive, and helped guide me through self reflection and planning for the future. I strongly recommend Alexis as a life coach.

~ A.T., Pennsylvania

I am thrilled to be one of her clients. She took her natural ability to empathize and draw out solutions to help anyone live to their greater selves. I’m grateful for how she helps me tackle things that used to scare me. I trust her coaching will guide me to my greater wisdom, and it will all work out.   

~ C.B., Virginia

The coaching support I received from Alexis was fantastic.  I had no experiences working with a coach before, but the relationship was very helpful in addressing my needs and goals.  She provided the guidance and tools to help me make decisions and to create a plan for future decision making.  She helped me achieve my goals and develop a process for ongoing achievement.  

~ J.H., California

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